An impressive nature, embracing the snowy mountains. Here you can discover the testimony of the Benedictine monks and the life of modern countrymen

The town is located on the Sturla stream, at the foot of the majestic Mount Aiona that reaches 1700 metres of height, one of the highest tops in the Ligurian Apennine, in the Chiavari hinterland. Go for exciting tours to discover nature, through wild and unspoiled places. Then, there are several places for meditation and faith, such as the Sant’Andrea of Borzone abbey complex, one of the oldest Benedictine settlements in Italy, or the “Volto Megalitico” (Megalithic face) carved in the Borzone Rock. Lakes and streams offer opportunities for fishermen and those looking for refreshment and clear water. Rural houses and traditional huts offer traditional products such as honey and chestnut flour, salami, cheese and mushrooms.

What to see: Sant’Andrea of Borzone Abbey, “Volto Megalitico”