Living the night in the heart of Genoa

Genoa is a 360° city: very beautiful in the daytime and fascinating in the evening, it will also know how to allure you thanks to its nightlife. The Friday evening nightlife is very famous; thousands of young people every week crowd the alleys of the historic area and Piazza delle Erbe becomes the undisputed centre of appointments and meetings. People go down to the piazza among eating and drinking places that offer tasty dishes and bars that provide good cocktails. This is the most common scenario of winter evenings, while in the warm months nightlife moves into Corso Italia, the famous sea promenade of the city, and to Boccadasse, where the charming scene of quaint pastel-coloured cottages will serve as a backdrop to evenings marked by fun and relaxation. An ice cream on the beach, a supper on the seashore or an evening at a disco will complete your stay. For those who don’t want to go to bed late in the evening, why not have a fine aperitif at sunset?

Historic piazzas, old inns, ultra-chic bars will tempt you with specialities rigorously made in Zena: from a “mug” of Ligurian white wine to “baxeichito”, a cocktail based on fabulous basil. There are a lot of culinary specialties that will accompany your drinks including salty cakes, Genoese and Recco focaccia, panissa (fried chickpeas flat bread) and cuculli (fritters), pieces of cima (boiled veal meat stuffed with mincemeat, vegetables and eggs), dried cod fritters, typical cheeses, octopus with parsley and anchovies all’ammiraglia. It’s up to you to identify the eating place that inspires you most: you will be spoilt for choice.