A unique village, where every year well-known artists and young painters come to create true works of art on the doors of the houses

One looks like an impressionistic view, another a surrealist illusion. We are not in a museum and these are not pictures: we are at Valloria, a village behind Imperia where the doors of houses, stalls, stores and wine cellars are wonders that enchant you, painted and interpreted by painters of international fame and by young artists that in the summer come to Valloria.

The village, 14 kilometres from Imperia, is immersed in a dream setting: all around there are hills covered by olive trees, from which, on clear days, you seem to be able to touch the mountains of Corsica.

A minuscule village with 42 inhabitants and 144 painted doors that with their colours enliven the compact grey of the stone with which the whole historic area is built. A small medieval masterpiece that has remained unchanged for centuries. The fact is that stone has been used for the houses, the tortuous alleys, the lintels and the dry-stone walls of the cultivated terraces. By contrast, all the painted doors are in wood, and their number, year after year, constantly grows.

In the summer, well-known and less well-known artists come to Valloria to use the doors as if they were canvases during the event “A Valloria fai baldoria”: three painters create new doors live and then, in the cool of the olive trees, everyone celebrates together with dishes in the local gastronomic tradition. A true feast for the eyes and for the palate! Only in such a place, unique in its kind, could the Museum of forgotten things be created, to contain things of the daily way of life of the past and the village tradition. The museum is in the old restructured oratory.