An old fort welcomes anyone coming to Savona, a town in which to enjoy the sea and the famous chinotto soft drink

Kilometres of beaches where the Blue Flag waves and the woodiest province in Italy: Savona really has so much to offer to anyone deciding to spend a holiday here. And the best place to start is at Priamar, an old fort built in the 16th century, which looks out towards the sea like a sentinel. With the passing of time, it has managed to adapt itself to different uses without losing its charm: its big and charming spaces today host shows, exhibitions and festivals.
Inside it, there is the Civic Archaeological Museum with many rooms devoted to ceramics, from the oldest pieces to the typical Savona majolica produced between the 16th and 18th centuries.

Next to Priamar there is the Old Dock, the pulsating heart of Savona harbour. A quay is still reserved for mooring the boats of the fishermen that furnish good fish for the restaurants in the area, while the tourist harbour welcomes yachts and sailboats. The Dock is also one of the places of relaxation preferred by Savona people, being pleasant in every season: a pleasant succession of bars and restaurants that serve Ligurian specialities and, in the summer months, put on many musical and theatrical events.

From the Dock you take Via Paleocapa and get directly to Piazza Mameli, where a tempting break awaits you: Besio, a historical bar and confectionery where, among soft macaroons, marrons glacés and a drink based on chinotto, a citrus fruit typical of the Western Riviera and a Slow Food presidium, you are truly spoilt for choice.

Then if you believe that only one Sistine Chapel exists, you will have to think again. There is another one in Savona done at the behest of the same Pope, Sixtus IV, who was from Savona. The interior of the Chapel was redone during the Rococo period and it was only during some restoration work that the 15th-century frescos reappeared.