A landscape that is good for the body and the mind. Amongst scenic trails and solemn woods, places of worship and sulphur-rich waters

Looking over the Bisagno valley, very close to Genoa, a town between oak woods, chestnuts and olive groves. In the past the theatre of a battle between the French and the Austrians, now it offers churches and remains from the past like the medieval bridge of Presa. Head past the thick chestnut groves and you’ll discover small places of worship like the church of Sant’Andrea, embellished by sacred furnishings and by a reliquary housing the remains of San Celestino. Then take the cobblestone road from Napoleon times to arrive at the sulphurous waters to regenerate your body. Nature and wellbeing, amongst regenerating paths and landscapes, await you for pleasant moments, that will be hard to forget.

What to see: church of Sant’Andrea