Pallanca Exotic Garden in Bordighera, amid cactuses and longing for the sea

One wonders how many things have been witnessed by Chilean copiapoa, which peeps out among the other cactuses at the Pallanca Exotic Garden. With three centuries of life, this splendid exemplar is not only the oldest in the garden, but also one of the oldest cactuses existing in the world.

Today it is one of the many attractions of the beautiful green oasis in Bordighera, created as a steep rocky slope sheer over the sea, with terraces with typical dry-stone walls and full of splendid exotic plants.

Here there are over 3,200 types of plants and the most important and precious collection of cactuses in Italy. This garden, which can be defined a naturalistic monument, is a charming place for curious visitors and plant lovers. A few years ago in the garden aloe too, a South American plant with curative properties also confirmed by scientific experimentation, began to be cultivated.

The history of the Pallanca gardens is closely linked to the personality of Ludwig Winter, a landscapist, botanist and agronomist. Alongside him for many years was Giacomo Pallanca, who abandoned traditional cultivation of olives and decided to devote himself passionately to growing exotic and tropical plants.

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