This is a village in the La Spezia hinterland, with a history linked to the Luni Bishops and the Mala-spina family. Discover its Medieval atmosphere, with the “borgo dritto” along the street and the “borgo vecchio” around the Santa Maria Assunta Romanesque church. There are only a few ruins of the Malaspina Castle but the atmosphere is still authentic. Sacred artworks are kept into the ancient oratories. In the valleys, you can admire a unique view, riding, walking or mountain biking for wonderful tours. The table offers delicious traditional flavours enhanced by fine wines.

Discover the three coloured itineraries of the municipality: Art (red) and Kids (yellow).

ARTE: itinerario ROSSO

  1. Palazzo Comunale
  2. Parco del Castello
  3. Oratorio dei Santi Antonio e Rocco
  4. Porta Castello
  5. Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta
  6. Porta Stazon
  7. Porta Chilosi

BAMBINI: itinerario GIALLO

  1. Parco giochi comunale di Bolano
  2. Piazza Castello
  3. Piazza Matteotti
  4. Via Roma
  5. Via S. Maria
  6. Piazza della Chiesa
  7. Via Marconi
  8. Raggiungi CEPARANA (4 min in auto)
  9. Parco giochi comunale di Ceparana
  10. Parco delle Farfalle - primo parco gioghi completamente accessibile
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