Here are some gelato shops you should stop by during your holidays in Liguria. Lets start from Levante with the gelato shop Portofino in Rapallo and Basilico e Limone in Levanto: here you can taste the real italian gelato. Then there is Alberto in Corniglia, where you can taste pistachio from Bronte, preakly pears, peaches and rosemary. On the eastern border of Liguria there is La Spezia: here you can stop at Nonna papera where you can taste ricotta and cinnamon, ginger and lemons from Cinque Terre.
When in Genova city center take a break at Profumo and taste the panera, a genoese speciality.
Then, while you are enjoying the view from Castelletto, there is Don Paolo with its amazing crushed-ice drink with cream. For those who stay in the city center, in Piazza delle Erbe, there is a huge choice of chocolate gelato shops: You can have one at Viganotti, Cremeria delle Erbe, U gelato du caruggiu in Via San Bernardo. All of them are very close to each other!
Our trip to Ponente starts from Antonino Salvino where you can taste bacio-di-sanremo gelato and pistachio di Bronte, and then until Bordighera at Universo del Gelato. In Alassio there is the baci-di-Alassio gelato, lavander cream and chocolate. When you are in Pietra Ligure take a break at U Magu, with its chinotto of Savona, ligurian pine nuts, Lagaccio biscuits.
And at the end, stop at Giardini di Marzo and just relax! Here everyone can taste chestnuts, mints, licorice, blue berries, even those who got allergies or intolerances.

Enjoy your gelato!


Velisti per caso - Acquario di Genova parte I

Velisti per caso - Acquario di Genova parte II