A journey into the depth of the earth on the trail of bears of the caverns and prehistoric men

Marvellous crystals and spectacular stalactites serve as a setting to the itinerary that winds underground for around 1300 metres from the Cave of the Bàsura (“witch” in Ligurian dialect) to the Lower Cave of St. Lucy: a true journey on the trail of bears in the caverns and prehistoric men.

The itinerary begins from the Bàsura Cave, the most spectacular of all. Here for millennia the bear of the caverns found shelter: remains of bones, paw prints and claw marks have been found on the walls, in addition to prints of feet, hands and knees engraved in the clay by prehistoric men dating back to around 12,000-12,500 years ago.

You pass in front of the stalagmite called Tower in Pisa and it is easy to understand the reason why, the Witch’s Living room, the Bundle Room and the Corridor of Prints to reach a little underground pond populated by blind crustaceans.

After the flow of alabaster in reed shapes called the organ, you visit the Cemetery of bears and the Room of Mysteries. A tunnel 110 metres long connects the Bàsura Cave to the Lower Cave of St. Lucy, rich in salt with crystals, stalagmitic formations and very fascinating stalactites like the Pantheon Room, the Alabaster Corridor and the Capital Room. It will really seem to you that the time machine has taken you back to the Stone Age!