Among the greenery of the parks we find art in museums

In the charming setting of Nervi, a few km from Genoa, we find a noteworthy museum, immersed in a park of extraordinary landscape beauty and near the panoramic waterfront.

We suggest a visit to the Modern Art Gallery housed in the seventeenth-century Villa Saluzzo Serra; it contains over 350 paintings, sculptures, sketches and engravings from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present.

The Frugone Collections Museum, housed in the old Villa Grimaldi Fassio, a stone’s throw from the romantic rose garden, has important collections of nineteenth-twentieth-century art belonging to the Frugone brothers. It comprises paintings, sculptures and drawings by Italian and other artists active in the period of the Belle Époque.

Don’t miss the Wolfsoniana, mainly focused on decorative and propaganda arts in the period 1880-1945. The collection reflects the most important stylistic and expressive currents of the first half of the 20th century, amid Art Nouveau, Deco and Rationalism.
The picture is completed by the Giannettino Luxoro Museum, in a patrician villa from the early 20th century in Viale Mafalda of Savoia, easy to get to on foot. It contains the collections of the Luxoro family: paintings, furniture, furnishings, ceramics, silvers, dressers, frames, old fabrics, and a series of jewels and old objects primarily produced in Liguria.