The navigator’s house, the towers of Porta Soprano with the medieval walls, Sant’Agostino and the Lantern

Genoa is famous all over the world as the city of Christopher Columbus. The great navigator, who discovered America in 1492, is the most illustrious Genoese of all time.

Tourists can follow a Columbus itinerary. It starts from the House of Christopher Columbus, which is a stone’s throw from Piazza Dante. A photo is a must, like a visit to the adjacent Sant’Andrea cloister. A short way off there stand the Porta Soprano towers, from which the old walls you can go along today start. Not far off is the Sant’Agostino museum.

The last stage is certainly a visit to the Lantern, a centuries-old symbol of Genoa, attainable along a footpath that starts from the ferry terminal. Inside it is a museum and you can enjoy an exceptional view.