From Van Dyck to Grechetto, luxury and splendour in Genoa

Genoa is also famous for two splendid national museums that are World Heritage. If you find yourself in Via Balbi, visit the Palazzo Reale: it is a big seventeenth-century patrician abode decorated over the centuries by noble families (Balbi, Durazzo, Savoia) that preserves intact the furnishings and the objects used in past centuries. 

Among the over one hundred paintings there are works by the best seventeenth-century Genoese artists together with masterpieces by Bassano, Tintoretto, Giordano, Van Dyck, Voet and Guercino.

You can also admire the noble apartment with scenographic reception rooms like the Throne Room, the Dancing Salon and the Gallery of Mirrors. At the end of Via Balbi, you cross Piazza della Nunziata and then go along Via Cairoli. Following the signs you will find yourself in Piazza di Pellicceria, where there is the Gallery of Palazzo Spinola.

The visit begins on the ground floor, with a permanent display of heirlooms of the two brothers Franco and Paolo Spinola, and continues on the first mezzanine floor amid paintings by Gentileschi, de Troy, de Largillière, Parodi and Mulinaretto; here there stands out the grandiose Flight of Aeneas from Troy by Giordano. On the first floor there are paintings by Van Dyck and Fiasella, while on the second, which has a stupendous gallery of mirrors, you notice the painting The Journey of Abraham and the Sorceress Circe by Grechetto. The two upper floors contain the “National Gallery of Liguria” which among other things has a rare Ecce Homo by Antonello da Messina.