Ancient Albintimilium, the Roman theatre and the most prestigious archaeological museum in Liguria

There was a road created at the behest of the emperor Augustus, of crucial importance because it connected the Northern Plain to the Ventimiglia border and hence Gaul with Rome. It was called Via Julia Augusta and today is lost among the woods and the paths; you can go along it in stretches between Albenga and Alassio, where traces of the old paving remain, and in the Finale area.

Along this road many Roman towns arose and Ventimiglia was surely the most influential among these. Faithful to Rome over the centuries, it was a centre of power and a place with great development. In Ventimiglia you can visit the G. Rossi museum, in the heart of the archaeological site, the most prestigious and complete archaeological museum in Liguria.

With a surface area of over 1,200 square metres it shows visitors the treasures of ancient Albintimilium. Near the museum there are the imposing ruins of the Roman Theatre. It could seat two thousand people and had a maximum capacity of 5000 spectators, who mainly assisted at comedies, dances and mimes.