Monte Beigua, the sacred mountain

Because of its position between the sea and the cold winds of the north, Monte Beigua has always had a particular climate and a unique and indecipherable landscape, and for this reason it was considered magic in the eyes of the ancient Ligurians that lived on it in prehistoric epochs. Bearing witness to the symbolic value that it took on in prehistory are the graffiti engraved on the hard rocks, whose origins are lost in the mists of time. The rock richest in signs is the Written Stone that outcrops, hidden near a brook in the wood, near the top of Monte Beigua. These graffiti speak of symbols handed down in time by people with different cultures.

For those who love to penetrate into history still enwrapped in mystery, a visit is recommended to the Permanent Archaeological Exhibition in Alpicella, which documents the presence of Middle Neolithic man (4700 -3700 BC) in this territory. There are important finds, among which the famous “vases with four-lobe mouths” and a bronze brooch recovered in the site called the shelter under the rock. Not far from Alpicella, reachable via an easy path, we must mention the Megalithic Road, a road from the prehistoric epoch that is as if protected by a series of rocks, which would appear to be a sacred enclosure dedicated to some divinity.