At Lerici there is Villa Marigola, one of the most beautiful Italian abodes, which fascinated “Grand Tour” travellers

Villa Marigola park is famous and luxuriant. It has a surface area of 44,000 square metres, and contains rare plants like ornamental elder. Stately pines rise in the romantic part of the Italian-style garden, halfway between Lerici and San Terenzo. From above, the gaze roams over one of the most beautiful views of the Gulf of Poets.

The landscape value is reinforced by the unusual beauty of the place and the scent of the Mediterranean maquis extolled by the sea breeze. These are the aspects that confer on Villa Marigola the right to be considered one of the most beautiful Italian abodes.

The big terrace was the heart of the complex: according to the Ligurian custom, it contained the “citrus fruit garden”, with cedar, lemon, orange and myrtle-leaved sour orange trees, destined to fascinate travellers of the Grand Tour and still today largely present

During the nineteenth century, with the spread of the fashion of English-style gardens, a vast surface was turned into the romantic park: the paths end in balconies and open natural windows, with deliberate surprise effects, on Lerici castle, on the San Terenzo fortification, on Portovenere and on the islands. Villa Marigola entertained Gabriele D’Annunzio and the playwright Sem Benelli, who here wrote his masterpiece “The dinner of pranks” and spoke of it as follows: “... Humble, serene and blessed, stupendous was my life in San Terenzo... “. To him we owe the name “the Poets’ Gulf” attributed to the bay.

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