The garden in the heart of the power of the Superb One, where Andrea Doria reigned

The palazzo that belonged to the great admiral Andrea Doria has been at the centre of one of the biggest recovery operations in the city, after the bombardments of the Second World War destroyed this splendid building.

The garden inaugurated at the beginning of the third millennium is like an enormous balcony over the sea of Genoa. We can imagine Andrea Doria and his court walking along the paths past the beautiful fountains and tubs. One wonders how many important decisions were taken among the flowerbeds.

The fact is that the great admiral, an ally of Charles of Hapsburg, emperor and king of Spain, was one of the most powerful men in the world. The original garden was organized into regular flowerbeds and was full of marble fountains, largely still extant, the most imposing of which is the “Fountain of Neptune” carved by Taddeo Carlone in 1599.

Characteristic of that period are the associations of flowering species with aromatic plants (rose and myrtle, rosemary and carnation, etc.). This is a choice that also includes species introduced during the sixteenth century, like the first plants coming from the New World (rattan, sunflower, tobacco, marvel of Peru, prickly pear). There are also different plants of middle-eastern origin like the sea lily, the first botanical tulips, lilac, mock orange and viburnum, new species and varieties of jasmine and citrus fruits.

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