The sulphurous thermal baths in Pigna, the anti-stress ferrous water at Eira and the alkaline water at Acquasanta

In the Western Riviera there is the most famous of the thermal baths in Liguria: Pigna, a few kilometres from Sanremo, Bordighera and the French Riviera. The thermal establishments of the Pigna thermal baths exploit the semi-warm sulphurous waters that gush out from the spring at a temperature of 30-32°C.

It is possible to effect all types of massages (assisted underwater massages, plantar reflexology, stone therapy, Ayurvedic massages, lymphatic drainage, shiatsu massage and many others) and a lot of other types of beauty treatments.

In Diano Castello there are the Eira Thermal Baths; the water has an elevated iron concentration and numerous properties: anti-stress, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, rehabilitative and cosmetic to mention only the most important. Eira clay is completely natural, directly produced in the spring and bathed continuously by the thermal water.

A stone's throw from Genoa and its beauties there are the Acquasanta thermal baths: the thermal waters that gush out are low mineralized, alkaline and sulphurous, and are particularly suitable for the treatment of otolaryngological pathologies. There is a wellness centre and a beauty farm, with hammam, calidarium and relaxation. The Acquasanta establishment has a covered swimming pool with a cervical waterfall coming from a sheet of water, Jacuzzi and a vascular run, with a Kneipp bath, which is useful for venous and circulatory problems.