Can you look at an unspoilt wood or a waterfall while enjoying a programme of “rimise en forme?” In Liguria you can

The Ligurian hinterland, with its valleys and its parks, against the background of the most natural cuisine in the world, has found the way to let you discover green wellbeing. It makes available holiday farms with wellness centres, which are added to a growing and more and more popular offer: that of organic holidays, blending nature and wellbeing.

You are given the chance to spend your time walking in a garden, pleasantly idling in the search for tastes, walking along equipped paths and naturally letting yourself be conquered by wellness treatment. So it happens at Valcrosa, a holiday farm in Diano Aretino: a few kilometres from the beaches, with swimming pool and wellness centre.

Here in the same village is the Ada Musso farm, where there is also a little lake you can bathe in. In Garlenda, a few kilometres from Alassio, you can stay at Tre Case to enjoy nature, the gym with a sauna and relaxation in the swimming pool.

To the east there is the Anhydrous Holistic Centre in Borzonasca with the holiday farm Il Mulino, while in Varese Ligure, in the La Spezia valley of the organic, you can immerse yourself in the wellness centre of Risveglio Naturale, a holiday farm immersed in nature. In Levanto, Costa di Faraggiana has a wellness area with a swimming pool and wellbeing centre; while in Riccò in the Gulf of Poets there is Cinque Terre tra il filo di Arianna.