From September the 19th to the 24th, with the Boat Show, Genoa will host mega yachts and major events

A celebration for Genoa. Take the opportunity to get to know the hometown of Christopher Columbus - the most famous seafaring man in the world - and its most authentic and ancient nature as sea and sailing capital.

The Boat Show - the most important international boating exhibition - will be held at Fiera del Mare (from September the 19th to the 24th). Large and small vessels, sailing and motor boats, rubber boats and canoes will be displayed in the trade fair halls and along quays. In fact, it will be an unrivaled showcase for boating. Off course, there will also be mega yachts: standing out for their luxury and design, these sea queens will make the show even more spectacular.

Besides the Boat Show, Genoa will organize several cultural events and exhibitions, including exceptional openings of stores, fashion shows and debates.