People fall in love with Liguria and its sea because of Saracens’ Bay, Cinque Terre and the Bay of Silence of Sestri Levante

Saracens’ Bay in Varigotti is the most beloved beach in Liguria. Long, broad, free, with grainy white sand and clear sea with turquoise and emerald hues. Just behind is the marvellous rocky cliff of Capo Noli. Access is easy on the Via Aurelia; you pay for admission, which includes cleaning of the beach and use of toilets and showers.

The village of Sestri Levante is unique in the world for its long promontory and the beauty of the two beaches that seen from Punta Manara almost seem to touch one another. Different from one another are the Bay of Fairytales, lively and well equipped, with an open view of the sea, and the enchanting Bay of Silence, with transparent and quite shallow sea, and with cottages on the beach whose pastel colours are reflected in it, as are dozens of fishermen’s boats anchored in the water.

The beach of Fegina in Monterosso is the biggest in Cinque Terre, and the only sand one. Blue and light-blue crystalline water, scenographic for its position but at the same time convenient because it is in front of the village. Along the path of Cinque Terre there are a lot of marvellous bays, accessible by sea or along paths for experienced walkers.