A sea for surfers, divers, speleologists and swimmers. Populated by thousands of fishes, brought to life by the winds and waves and the keeper of wrecks and submerged treasures.

In the La Spezia area, the Gulf of Levanto favours the creation of surfing waves when southwest and northwest winds blow. The presence of sandy, mixed and rocky seabeds allows the formation of waves of different sizes and qualities, but the fame of Levanto is due above all to the height of the waves. For this reason, every time Levanto is about to be hit by a sea storm, a lot of surfers wait impatiently for the right moment to be able to enter the sea.

Known for diving, the island of Bergeggi in Savona province belongs to the Bergeggi Regional Nature Reserve. It is a fascinating cone of calcareous rock up to 53 metres high, an ideal place for lovers of diving, including rookies, thanks to clear and crystalline sea, with seabeds rich in flora and marine fauna even at low depths. Further, about 35 metres down, the scuba diver can also make out stalactites and stalagmites.

In the small bay of San Fruttuoso, beauty and tranquillity are to be sought out of season, when, as you get out of the boat, you will see this magic and unique little bay that blends beauty and history, Caribbean colours and medieval views. A light-blue sea and seabeds serve as the entrance to the Benedictine monastery, a jewel of the FAI (Italian Environmental Association). In the depths the scuba diver can contemplate Christ of the Abysses, a big bronze statue depicting Christ, placed there in memory of people who have died at sea and those who have dedicated their lives to the sea.