Nature created them eternally beautiful and silent. Man has made them magic and exclusive. The only unit of measurement that counts here is beauty.

The beach in Paraggi, lying in the charming cove between Santa Margherita and Portofino, has made history. A reserved and refined summer living room for a beautiful sandy beach famous for its emerald green water and for the scenography of the landscape. A regular meeting place for habitués for a posh lunch on the seashore with fish dishes and Vermentino.

“The Sun embraces the Bay and the rays of the Moon kiss the sea.” So much beauty struck Percy Bysshe Shelley in this amazing stretch of sea. Between Fiascherino and Lerici, the bay of the Sea Echo has today become a unique location, perhaps the most chic in Liguria. Attainable in a private lift, hidden and silent, it will give you the feeling of being on a honeymoon.

The little Balzi Rossi bay in Imperia is a beautiful inlet among the rocks, at the foot of a rocky cliff a reddish colour full of prehistoric caverns. Outstanding sea, blue and turquoise, crystalline and transparent, is frequented by scuba divers for the seabeds that slope down fairly gradually. A small but exclusive bathing establishment assuages “the fatigue” of your day in the sun.