When the night never ends

Waiting for dawn on the beaches in Liguria is a must. If the evening is accompanied by the mixed notes of a wise deejay, even better.

When the air is just lukewarm and induces you not to go to bed but to “stay up” till late getting to the morning, beaches with nightlife, after a day of sunshine, take up the challenge and call the people of the night.
Music runs along the Ligurian coast, from Riviera di Levante to Riviera di Ponente: it hides in a bay among rocks or is unleashed on the open sea.
There are a lot of discos on the sea and bathing establishments that are transformed, offering music in the evening and cocktails for tourists: here we will mention the best-known. Some offer a restaurant service to enjoy pied dans l’eau supper under romantic gazebos illuminated by flambeaus or you can dance “under the open sky” on the beach itself for an evening of guaranteed fun.
Just a few names: New Tapas in Borgo Prino - Imperia Porto Maurizio, Rocce di Pinamare in Andora, La Suerte in Laigueglia and Essaouira in Albenga.

They are all places that open with dinner services, aperitif-dinners and disco evenings. Then continuing towards the Eastern Riviera we also have SoleLuna Beach in Albissola Marina, the famous Covo di Nordest in Santa Margherita with Covo, devoted to under 30s.