Among the tanks of the great Genoa Aquarium, a great occasion to discover the secrets of dolphins, sharks, manatees, penguins and thousands of sea creatures

Discover all the secrets of the Aquarium through a guided path in the areas and labs. This is a great occasion for all those who love the fantastic blue world on display in the Porto Antico facility. “Acquario dietro le quinte” (Aquarium behind the curtains) will take you to the discovery of all the activities needed to service the tanks and take care of the animals and of many fun facts. A special kids version is also available: a special path featuring several steps and designed for little visitors and their parents, to the discovery of the secret areas of the Genoa Aquarium. Kids from 4 to 12 years will get to know every secret about some animals living in the Genoa Aquarium, by visiting the labs and entering some areas which are normally off limits for the general public: an adventure which will stimulate their curiosity and fantasy.