Through Ligurcapital contributions to the capital of companies to help them develop new products, support investments to expand demand for solid growth

Sustaining the growth and development of small and medium-seized enterprises of Liguria is the priority. For this reason we invest 5 million euros of the Regional Strategic Fund in a financial tool managed by Ligurcapital to find out and support high potential enterprises in which we can contribute to the endowment of capital, intervening in their growth of investments, infrastructures and in the improving of the efficiency in the capital market.

The beneficiaries of the risk capital instrument are

  1. small and medium-seized companies of Liguria, which have been active on the market for less than seven years since their first commercial sale
  2. start-ups for which a sum of 1.5 million of the total fund is reserved

The range of investment threshold is intentionally wide to support a greater number of transactions. It starts from a minimum of 50 thousand euros up to a maximum of 500 thousand euros of investments of public resources.

Small and medium-seized companies need support to develop their projects, enter new markets and increase demand to grow solidly and create welfare. Thanks to this measure we can offer them liquidity and help find solid private investors.

To each investment of the fund must correspond the joint investment of one or more indipendent private investors, according to the terms and percentage shares provided for in the call.

The procedure opens on 30 April 2019 and companies interested to the capitalization can fill in the applications and submit the project offline on from 28 March 2019.

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