Europe is really of the Regions. Discover the Interreg Alcotra Programme through the accounts of the beneficiaries and the projects realized in Liguria.

A video campaign to discover the Interreg Alcotra projects realized in the province of Imperia thanks to the territorial cooperation. In 2018 only, during the third call 23 projects were approved, bringing to Liguria, in particular in the Imperia area, 6.5 millions of european capitals for the territory.

Here are some of the projects realized to give more value to the territories and to increase the opportunities for cooperation between neighboring countries and regions.

  • Progetto Jardival
    Promotion of the gardens of the French-Italian Riviera | Valorisation des Jardins de la Riviera franco-italienne
  • Progetto Nat+Cult
    Nature and Culture for everyone | Nature et Culture pour tous'
  • Uramet
    Development of radar-meteorological measurements and real-time dissemination to citizens of warnings on storms and heavy rainfall | Elaboration des données radar et diffusion en temps réel aux citoyens des informations sur fortes averses orageuse et pluies
  • Più valore ai territori 
  • with the Interreg Alcotra cooperation. Planning to grow together

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