European programming, projects for the future

The Liguria Region supports the european policies and cooperates with the Member States to carry on projects of interest for the territory for a Europe of peoples.

For 2019 Liguria has put in place the European funds (FSE-FESR-FEASR and the Programmes of territorial cooperation) identifying 5 areas of intervention in order to create development, work and growth opportunities throughout the region.

For every area funds have been committed to develop sinergies between the departments involved, Economic Development, Active Labour Policies, Education, Agriculture and Social. Priorities and supply chain strategies have been identified which provide for investments in the area of training based on the employment needs of the companies and to the priorities of investment in territorial areas and productive sectors.
  • Research and innovation with fundings put in place for 19,33 million euro of regional investments
  • Development of the pruductive system with a system-wide budget of 67,33 million euro
  • Support to under 29 and over 50 for a budget of 27,5 million euro
  • Strenghtening of the presence of the women on the market and interventions in the social area with 7,35 million euro of investments
  • Business creation with fundings equal to 4 million.
For 2019 there are more than 125 million euro of European funds put in place by the Region to create development and employment.

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