Liguria is something else

For the region of Liguria, 2018 was one of the most complex years in recent memory.

The collapse of the Morandi bridge and heavy sea storms in the autumn put extraordinary strain on an area that was already attempting to re-launch its economy, employment and tourism.

That Liguria held up is the result of the strength of its people and the resilience of its institutions. And precisely to accompany a recovery that is already showing encouraging signals, we have developed the most important institutional campaign ever realised for the region.

Outstanding images of the work, the landscape, the amusements and the tastes of the Ligurian people will be on billboards and projected at Italy’s major international airports (as well as in Paris) and published in leading Italian and European newspapers.

A sign of our determination to continue to build a Liguria that offers real opportunities for work and growth for the country, particularly for the young.

Presidente Regione Liguria