The Bergeggi Regional Nature Reserve is in a splendid place on the Riviera and the Bergeggi island is around 250 metres from the shore and preserves Roman and medieval remains and remains of monastic buildings.
Well worth visiting on the coast are the Cave of Sirens, the Train Tunnel Cave and the Bergeggi sea cave, whose entrance is near Punta delle Grotte and which is known for the palaeo-ethnological and paleontological sea cave. It is easily attainable down a panoramic flight of steps from the Via Aurelia.

The Bergeggi Marine Reserve is a cone of calcareous rock, covered by Mediterranean maquis; the seabeds are coralligenous and have grasslands of Posidonia oceanica. The Gallinara Regional Nature Reserve, an island rich in Mediterranean vegetation and rare reptiles, is about 1 km from the coast, off Capo Santa Croce. It has high-coast morphology, with sheer cliffs with one of the biggest colonies of herring gulls of the northern Tyrrhenian.

The Rio Torsero Regional Nature Reserve behind the village of Ceriale has a very rich deposit of fossils from the Pliocene period, some of which are in the Silvio Lai museum. The Adelasia Regional Nature Reserve has beautiful beech woods, with majestic centuries-old exemplars, alongside vegetable formations of a Mediterranean type and grasslands rich in orchids. There are numerous rare botanical species. The aquatic environments contain amphibians that have become rare.