"Away from crazy crowds". This is the right attitude to discover Ligurian villages in autumn!

Liguria has many different villages. Some are overlooking the sea, others are nestles in the hinterland. Although they are small, the villages are taken care of so well that foreigners decide to visit them, preferring a more family hospitality.  Some of them are well-known - such as Noli, Dolceacqua, Verezzi in the West, or Vernazza, Varese Ligure and Framura in the East - while others are less famous, but they are equally beautiful, especially during an autumn week-end! 

Liguria boasts 24 villages which are members of the Association of the Most Beautiful Italian Villages - with its two recent new-entries Diano Castello and Perinaldo - and 15 Orange Flags of the Italian Touring Club. Ligurian villages offer wine and food which satisfy all palates, with wines and recipes for meat and fish dishes. Their houses and narrow streets are built with ancient stones and they often have medieval origins, with castles, ancient walls and porticoes.

Houses are characterized by their peculiar pastel colors. Autumn is the best season to visit them due to nature's bright colors and to seasonal nuances which increase their beauty.  Book a week-end in one of the numerous Ligurian B&Bs, possibly during autumn festivals. Have a nice autumn week-end in Ligurian villages!