An old and very charming village almost wiped out by an earthquake has come back to life and has become the village of artists

If you visit Sanremo, don’t miss the hamlet of Bussana, about 8 km to the east. In 1887 an earthquake destroyed the original inhabited area, which took the name Bussana Vecchia (Old Bussana). It is only accessible on foot: you leave your car at the entrance to the village; the visit lasts about an hour.

The old ruined part of the village was abandoned for over half a century until the beginning of the sixties, when some artists, Italian and foreign, decided to repopulate it.

Some settled their abode here, while others sojourned every year for longer or shorter periods. At the end of the 1960s the community consisted in about thirty artists and also today is known as “the artists’ village.”

Among the biggest tourist attractions are the quaint shops and the artists’ studios, opened more or less anywhere in the village. Today it is an open-air art laboratory, a very charming place, with ruins from which luxuriant vegetation peeps out, conferring great charm. For the inhabitants of Bussana Vecchia the symbol of the village is the bell tower of the Sant’Egidio church, which miraculously survived the earthquake; the old church can still only be visited on the outside; it shows evident traces of the original paintings and stuccoes. Along the via del Mare, near the mouth of the Armea stream, there are the archaeological excavations of the Roman Villa of Bussana, an ancient villa from Roman epoch, and precisely from the 1st-2nd century AD.