An old village immersed in the Valle Argentina where every spot speaks of old legends

It smells of good bread and old stories, this village immersed in the green Valle Argentina, just half an hour’s drive from Arma di Taggia. At Triora every spot can tell you stories of strie and basue, witches and magic. In 1588 some women of Triora were the victims of one of the bloodiest trials for witchcraft in Liguria. Everything has been documented in the deeds that are on show in the little Ethnographic and Witchcraft Museum, at the beginning of the village.

Also worth a visit is the Cabotina, a small construction where legend has it that witches gathered. Visiting this old village is also a true pleasure for the palate. Among the typical products you must taste Triora bread: dark in colour and homemade with flour and bran, it belongs to the association of the 37 Breads of Italy.

It is delicious spread with an old high mountain pasture cheese: bruss or bruzzo, ricotta slightly fermented with herbs and spice with a hot taste. Walking through the village along the carruggi, under vaults and arches hewn out in the rock, in the dark caverns of demolished houses, is like going back in time. Every spot shows the signs of the past. It is a place to lose yourself in with your nose turned up to observe all its architectural beauty. In this connection, the slate portals are another wonder of Triora: from the Gothic one (12th century) of the Collegiate Church, to those of the noble buildings, with the symbols of the lineages chiselled away in the French post-revolutionary period, with the graven lintels, the abraded marbles, the bas-reliefs on black stone or slate and fascinating sculptures.