This old village in the upper Valbormida smells of woods and truffles, and in its monuments you can read history from the Middle Ages to the 20th century


Loved by many gourmets and the venue in September of the national truffle festival, Millesimo is a hunting ground for expert truffle gatherers. All around, woody hills embrace the village. But besides being famous for the precious tuber, Millesimo is also an old village with a beautiful historic area a peculiar triangular shape. The castle and the palazzo of the Del Carretto family are the heart of the village. Starting from the Gaietta bridge, or “old bridge”, you can make a scenic walk through places that tell us medieval stories almost down to our own day. You pass in front of the house where Marquis Enrico II Del Carretto in 1206 signed the deed of foundation of the village.

Further on, near the castle, there is the Napoleonic Museum. Continuing you reach the Santo Stefano convent, purchased by Marquis Enrico II Del Carretto and given in 1216 to the nuns of the Cistercian order of Saint Marie de Betton.

Next to the original Romanesque church, in the 15th century a cloister was added with elegant stone capitals. In 1802 the convent was suppressed and since then the building has been private property. During the first years of the 20th century, at the behest of the owner, Marquis Carlo Centurione Scotto, the Coppedès restructured it according to the models of the Gothic-Renaissance revival.