Well equipped beaches, a sailing school and the Gulf Sporting Center. Relaxation or active holiday? The choice is yours

The sea area of Laigueglia is reminiscent of a seaside village: the little squares over the beach, a stone’s throw from the harbour, games for children and a garage for boats where fishermen repair nets. Everything speaks of sea and holiday, also the promenade joining Capo Mele to Alassio. For anyone arriving there a must is a walk along Via Dante, amid shopping and eating and drinking places. Particular features are Colla Micheri and the San Matteo church.

Something unforgettable is the climb towards Colla Micheri: in the minuscule medieval village Thor Heyerdal lived with his family, and he has restored it. From here you get to Capo Mele, the place on the terra firma closest to Corsica: 140 kilometres. On the ridge there are the lighthouse and the little Madonna delle Penne church, where on 5 August there is a ceremony for sailors and fishermen.

The village is one of the stages of the excursion through the Nordic Walking Park, which has six itineraries of various difficulty. A rare treasure is the San Matteo church, with a Greek cross layout with two twin bell towers of different heights. The crosses set on top of the bell towers are oriented according to the sea winds: mistral and south-westerly. Laigueglia is an ideal place for the Nordic walk, both for beginners and for experienced walkers. There are many bike itineraries: a very long ring one starts from Via Monaco to go down towards the Andora Castle and joins up with Laigueglia through the hinterland of Albenga and Alassio.

Laigueglia is also fun: every year in the last weekend of July the Landing of the Saracens is held, and in June the Percfestival.