The telematic village in stone with white-framed windows, amid timeless olive trees and rock gymnasiums

Reaching Castelbianco you already feel you are among the mountains, but you still have the sea air in your lungs. The stone village is made up of 4 hamlets and the hamlet of Colletta has earned the whole village a place among the most beautiful villages in Italy. The place was restored after an earthquake, and now a characteristic feature is afforded by the houses in stone with quaint white-framed windows and caruggi in cobbles.

The village was redesigned by the architect De Carlo and Colletta di Castelbianco became the first telematic village: anyone who chose to live there could enjoy the peace of the village while being in contact with the world of work thanks to sophisticated technological and telecommunication structures.

Over the village there still loom the ruins of the old castle of the Clavesanas who gave the name to the village and you can admire various stone bridges from the medieval epoch with the peculiar “donkey’s back” shape. From here there start trekking and mountain bike excursions. For those who love free climbing, there are the rock gymnasiums in the area, second only to Finalese, which is why they are known by the name Oltrefinale (“beyond Finale”).