A part of Liguria perched up above the sea, enclosed by medieval walls, dominated by Clavesana castle

Photogenic and scenographic, every shot gives it prominence: the balcony over the sea of the little Corallini square, the games of shadow in the narrow alleys, the high arches, the breath-taking ups and down, flowers and olive trees in the background. It is characterized by a maze of narrow alleys that go down towards the coast and rendered unique by the San Giovanni Battista Church, a true jewel of Ligurian Baroque.

The church is better known as the “Corallini” church because it was built in the late 17th century and early 18th century with the proceeds of the companies of fishermen that fished for coral in the seas of Corsica and Sardinia.

Here for the past forty years, in the months of July and August, on the splendid church square high over the sea the International Festival of Chamber Music has been held, at which the most important performers in Europe do moonlight concerts. Cervo is an atmosphere. Walking among the stone arches and glimpses of the sea, you will be surprised by little pictures of Liguria that a mischievous cat, washing hanging out or tinkling silver cutlery can create. Cervo is art.

In the village there are patrician sixteenth-century buildings and quaint little restaurants, workshops of artists and artisans that display ceramics, necklaces, coral and objects in leather and glass. The castle of the Dukes of Clavesana today hosts art exhibitions and the permanent Ethnographic Museum of Western Liguria. An old gumbu (crusher) contains the Oil Museum. Cervo beach is a pleasant place to stop among the small bathing establishments and the accesses to the free beach.