Lose yourself in the panorama to be enjoyed from the old feudal village in Val Neva and breathe in the air of a medieval village

Perched on a mountain, 1100 metres above sea level, Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, an Orange Flag medieval village and one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, fascinates visitors with its labyrinthine streets that follow one another up to the manor castle, still today privately owned. The structure is that of a Mediterranean village, which presents charming medieval aspects with its fortified houses.

The houses in stone that are gathered around the castle like a cluster of buildings are timeless. Walking around the historic area is an unforgettable experience, under a succession of vaults and arches that serve to hold the houses up with one another.

You must see the old restored washhouses and the Tower Square, where the old execution scaffold was. It is worth immersing oneself in the alleys to discover the traces of the old history of the village and to reach the castle, which you get to by climbing up the narrow and tortuous alleys that start from the main carruggio.

A majestic feature is the ogival Porta Soprano gate, the entrance to the village. Next to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces there is another little curiosity: a small heart-shaped cemetery. To the south of Castelvecchio the Ilaria del Carretto Path starts; through Borgata Fontana and past the little rural San Giuseppe church it takes you to the village of Zuccarello.