Finalborgo was for centuries a big capital and you already perceive it from afar, where Castel Gavone and the grandiose tower of Diamonds rise.

If you know how to listen to it, Finalborgo and its castle will tell you of a past of struggles for power, defeats and reconstructions, today a patrimony of culture and a good way of living.

Among the most beautiful villages in Italy, because of its perfectly preserved medieval historic area, it was the capital of the Del Carretto Marquisate from the 13th century on. Always tormented by wars with Genoa and Saracen raids, it was encircled by imposing walls still well preserved and visible. The feeling that still today you have walking among the shops, the loggias and the little squares enlivened by bars and restaurants is a sense of welcome and protection that people must have felt many centuries ago.

In the middle of August for four days during the festival called Journey into the Middle Ages this feeling becomes reality and the village turns into a real medieval one, with its own coin (finarino), knights and dames, and the imposing castle lit up at night: one of the most popular and successful historical evocations in Liguria.

Walking in the streets of the village you can snoop in the 6 craft shops that have created the “Made by hand FInalborgo” quality hallmark to discover the various artistic products: jewels in resin, fire arts, sculptures, decorations, ceramics, and necklaces in macramé.

Frequented the whole year, Finalborgo has also achieved international fame for those who love mountain bikes and free climbing. It is a place of important events like the Festival of Inquietude and the Showroom of Food and Agriculture held in the monumental Santa Caterina complex, a jewel well worth visiting.