An interesting place from the landscape point of view. The territory is an ideal place for holidays

It has always been said that at Sassello you breathe in good air thinking about the woods and unspoilt nature in the Beigua valleys. But walking in the old village, amid craft shops and local products, you will realize that the air of Sassello smells of macaroons, almonds and coffee. Dozens of years ago in the beautiful central piazza there was the oven that produced macaroons, a regular appointment for inhabitants and tourists, so much so that the piazza was also known in old postcards as the “Piazza of Virginia Macaroons.”

Today as yesterday, in the beautiful historic place people meet for a coffee or a hot chocolate accompanied by the inevitable soft macaroons. But Sassello is a true capital of taste; in addition to falling in love with the sweetmeats one falls in love with the meats, the mushrooms, dry or in oil, the oval buns called “tirotti”, honey and fruit preserves.

The first place in Italy to be honoured with the Orange Flag of the Touring Club, for its touristic and environmental quality, it is a village that is a natural child of Liguria and Piedmont, in the narrow alleys in stone, in the simplicity of the inhabitants, but above all for the woods and the alpine panoramas. Not to be missed is an excursion to the Deiva Forest, and a visit to the stone mill and the Perrando Library, the Museum of Art and Local Culture.