A mountain of flavours and traditions

From the hills to the high mountain peaks, from the castles to the table. A landscape that gives pleasure to your taste, offering opportunities for doing sports and living agricultural traditions.

It is located behind Mount Maggiorasca, the highest peak in the Aveto Park and the Ligurian Apennine. Discover a village surrounded by hills covered in chestnut woods in the Chiavari hinterland: among ancient churches and the remains of the castle built by the Malaspina, you can enjoy a fantastic scenery for events such as the threshing festival and other unique events such as the transhumance festival. Get ready for amazing sports activities including cross-country skiing and mountain skiing, panoramic tours among the nature, prehistorical settlements and ruins of castles.

The mushrooms are the protagonists of the wood and food traditions, along with the local San Sté cheese, among the most renowned cheeses in Liguria.