Genuine lands and exquisite flavors in the Ventimiglia and Bordighera inland

From Ventimiglia, follow trunk road Colle di Tenda SS20 running along the Roia River: after having come through the village of Trucco take the fork to the right and then the road on the left emerging from it (via Matteotti) and go on for less than 500 meters to reach Airole (the total length of the trip is 12 km, approximately 15 minutes from the point of departure).

To continue the itinerary, go back to trunk road SS20, downstream of Trucco and take SP92 provincial road to the left first, then provincial road SP70.

Once you reach the valley of Val Barbaira, turn right on SP68 and go on SP64, which runs along the Nervia torrent until it reaches Dolceacqua. The distance from Airole is 17 km with an estimated travel time of approximately 35 minutes.

After having come through the village, provincial road SP64 heads south: once in Camporosso Mare, take the Aurelia road to the left and once come through Vallecrosia head for Bordighera.

At this point, enter Via dei Colli to the left and take Via Gen. V. Rossi to go through the village of Sasso di Bordighera. The provincial road SP57 runs along a scenic ridge and, after about 45 minutes and 24 km from Dolceacqua, it reaches Seborga.

To head back, follow the road in the opposite direction along the SP57 and after 12 km and 20 minutes of travel time you will be back on state road Aurelia SS1 in Bordighera.

The Road
Duration: 1 hour and 52 minutes
Lenght: 64 kilometers