Where the sun is majestic and rests behind Bordighera all the way to Pigna

This itinerary begins from Bordighera downtown and follows the urban stretch of the Aurelia road (Corso Italia) on the right.

Once reached Vallecrosia, turn to the right into via Roma, which continues on towards the inland with the name of SP59 passing through the towns of Vallecrosia Alta, San Biagio della Cima and Soldano. A climbing slope will lead you to Perinaldo, after 30 minutes and 16 km, where you will have a chance to enjoy majestic views spanning from the Ligurian Alps to Corsica.

Twenty minutes and 7 kilometers will take you down a slope and back up again from Perinaldo to Apricale along provincial roads SP62 and SP63.

From here, road SP63 descends to the village and castle of Isolabona, then it runs through the valley and to the north along the SP64 up to, after about twenty minutes of travel time and a distance of 10 km, a village surrounded by woods and mountains nestled into the hill: Pigna.

After your visit to the village, head back down and cross the entire Nervia valley following road SP64 to the coast; in half an hour and 19 km you will reach road Aurelia SS1 between Ventimiglia and Camporosso.

The Road
Duration: 1 hour and 36 minutes
Lenght: 52.4 kilometers