Theatres and breathtaking views from the Finale zone up to Verezzi


Leaving from Noli, jewel of the Riviera di Ponente, take the Aurelia SS 1 state road in a westward direction following the beaches of Malpasso and the white cliffs of Capo Noli, so loved by mountain climbers.

Going through the villages of Varigotti, Final Pia and Final Marina, then turn to the right and take SP 490 in Colle del Melogno, which climbs up to Finalborgo, noble capital of the Finale marquisate, which can be reached in 21 minutes by traveling 12 km from Noli.

Heading back down on the SP 490 and up to the Aurelia SS 1 heading west, go through Caprazoppa and follow the long beach up to Borgio.

The sloping road of Via Nazario Sauro, after 7 km and 15 minutes, leads to the Saracen village of Verezzi sprawling on the hill overlooking the Gulf of Loano.


The Road
Duration: 36 minutes
Lenght: 19 kilometers