Priceless inspirations in the Savona inland

This itinerary starts from Savona and heads to Altare on provincial road SP29. There, the Alps and the Apennines meet at the Cadibona hill and the road continues up to Carcare. Once there, turn to the left along SP 28bis and after 37 minutes and approximately 27 km, you will be in Millesimo, the land of truffles.

Head back taking SP 28bis up to Carcare and then take SP29 that goes past Cairo Montenotte and head down towards the Bormida valley due north, up to Dego. Once there, take SP 542 to the right.

The provincial road reaches Giusvalla, Pontinvrea and the Giovo pass. After 43 km and 57 minutes from Millesimo, a quick descent due north on SP 334 leads to the charming little town of Sassello.

The SP 49 continues towards northeast, passing through ancient villages like San Pietro d'Olba.

The SP 1 and SP 64 provincial roads entering the province of Genoa lead to Tiglieto and Rossiglione through a landscape of vast panoramas. SP 456 of Passo del Turchino when travelled due south leads after about an hour and 49 km to Campo Ligure, the capital of gold and silver filigree.

It is still the SP 456 that climbs towards Masone and Passo del Turchino then heads down towards Mele to end the itinerary to the Genoa Voltri harbor.


The Road
Duration: 3 hours and 7 minutes
Lenght: 132 kilometers