From the beaches to the mountains in the inland of the Tigullio Gulf

This itinerary starts from Moneglia following provincial road SP 370 that, with alternating one-way traffic, runs along the old railway line up to Riva Trigoso.

From here, Aurelia SS 1 heads due north-west passing through Sestri Levante. Running along the beaches of Cavi, it reaches Lavagna and past the Entella River it enters Chiavari.

Once here, turn to the right following the river along Via Marconi and Via Piacenza, which then becomes SP 225 leading to Carasco. On the right, provincial road SP 586 starts going up toward the Sturla valley passing through Mezzanego and Borzonasca.

At the Forcella Pass, the road enters the Aveto valley and reaches Rezzoaglio. A little further, take the SP 86 on the right and after an uphill route, turn to the left and take SP 654, which, after about 107 minutes and 67 km from the point of departure, reaches Santo Stefano d'Aveto.

To go back, follow the road in the opposite direction, passing through Rezzoaglio and proceeding on SP 586 up to Parazzuolo. Once there, turn to the right and take SP 56 which climbs up to the Scoglina Pass.

SP 23 heads down, towards Favale di Malvaro. In Monleone di Cicagna, the road becomes SP 225 of Fontanabuona. Follow it to the left and heading in south-eastern direction up to Pian dei Ratti, then turn to the right on the SP 58 that passes through Coreglia Ligure and climbs towards the ridge overlooking the Gulf of Tigullio and then heads down to Rapallo.


The Road
Duration: 3 hours and 19 minutes
Lenght: 125 kilometers