Enchanted places and legends behind the Cinque Terre

From the village of Vernazza head towards the inland along provincial road SP 61, then turn to the left and take provincial road SP 51. After having passed the ridge, go through the woods of the middle Val di Vara along SP 38 up to the village of Pignone. This stretch is only 13.5 km long and takes just 27 minutes to complete.

From here proceed along the Vara River following provincial road SP 34 through woods that hide charming small caves of naturalistic and historical interest all the way to the villages of Casale and Villa. Provincial road SP 34 merges with state road Aurelia SS 1 near Borghetto di Vara.

There, right downtown take SP 566 on the left and follow it until the tollbooth. At this point, take SP7 to reach the historical center of Brugnato, after 20 minutes of travel time and 12 km from Pignone.

The Road
Duration: 48 minutes
Lenght: 26 kilometers