Sipping history and traditions in Val di Magra up to Montemarcello

For this itinerary, leave from Sarzana and exit provincial road SR 439 due south-east heading into Aurelia SS 1. Follow it due south-east up to the crossroad on the left through via Borghetto which climbs up the hills and becomes via Montecchio, via Caprignano/SP 23 and reaches the ridge on which you will find Castelnuovo Magra. This stretch takes 18 minutes and 8 km to complete.

Following Via Provinciale, head toward Luni. Follow a small stretch of SS 1 on the left, then turn to the right towards a series of roads: via Alta Nuova, via 25 Aprile on the left, and via Alta on the right. Take SP 432 that goes through the Magra river. Continue on the left on SP 30, which follows the river to its magnificent estuary. The road becomes SP 29 and it reaches the fortified village of Montemarcello di Ameglia, after 27 minutes of travel time and located at a distance of 15 km from Castelnuovo.

Provincial road SP 29 becomes SP 28 and it continues north-westward while offering scenic views over the La Spezia Gulf up to Serra di Lerici. From here take SP 26 then turn to the left and take Via Matteotti – at the Cala hamlet - via Fiascherino, which leads, after 27 minutes and 12 km from Montemarcello, to the small village of Tellaro di Lerici and its blue sea.

The Road
Duration: 1 hour and 12 minutes
Lenght: 34 kilometers