Scimiscià is a white berry variety, with a medium-big sized bunch of grapes; the berries are medium-sized with a green-yellow skin and rusty dotting.This dotting on the skin is probably the reason why this variety is called like so: in fact ‘Cimicia’ is the dialectal term for a small green insect which usu-ally bites leaves and flowers, leaving little dot-shaped stains on the surface.Scimiscià cultivation had been abandoned almost completely in the past. Later on, this variety has been restored on a small cultivation area, at first, to monitor and analyse its reaction, and introduced in the National Grape Registry in 2003.It is a robust plant, which prefers to grow on rich soil. Recent experiences and evidences, suggest a late ripening period, for the production of passito wines.Scimiscià or Cimixià, can be used as:-main vine in the Golfo del Tigullio - Portofino PDO (min. 85%);-complementary vine in all the PDO and PGI regional productions.


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