The magnificent 7 of Pesto Ingredients: 4 bunches of protected-origin-denomination Genoese basil, 40 g of parmesan cheese, 20 g of Sardinian pecorino cheese, a handful of pine kernels, two Vessalico garlic cloves (a Slow Food presidium), coarse salt, and protected-origin-denomination Riviera Ligure extra virgin olive oil Wash and dry the basil leaves, taking care not to crush them. Put the garlic and some grains of coarse salt in the marble or stone mortar, and crush it all with an “pestle” in olive-tree wood; add the dry basil leaves, the pine kernels and the two grated cheeses. Work it all to get a homogeneous mixture. Dilute with a dash of oil. Pour into a bowl and with a wooden spoon amalgamate with the remaining oil.lio.