One of the oldest dishes in Genoa, the city of triperies

Absolutely inexpensive and savoury, this old dish of Ligurian cuisine has made a powerful comeback, also because dieticians have confirmed that, although the name evokes fats and calories, tripe can be an ideal base for tasty recipes that are also light. In Genoa there are old triperies to visit, like the one in Vico Casana, the oldest tripery in Italy. In the heart of the historic area, a few metres from Via Luccoli, there is La Casana.

Furniture, kitchen, boiler and walls date from the Risorgimento period. It was in those years that the great characters of the epoch visited the tripery. Mazzini, Verdi and then Puccini were habitual customers. The most famous recipe is tripe accomodata. The recipe for it will now be given.

Ingredients for four people: 1 kilo mixed tripe, 50 grams bacon, half kilos potatoes, 2 carrots, 2 onions, 2 stems of celery, 1 or 2 cloves of garlic, rosemary, 20 grams pine kernels, 1 spoonful of tomato concentrate, 1 glass of white wine, 2 ladles of broth, salt, pepper, 1 glass of extra virgin olive oil. 

Preparation doesn’t require a chef’s diploma. Chop a mixture of onion, celery, carrot and bacon, then brown it all. Add the tripe, browning it on a high gas. As soon as it is brown, add the tomato concentrate with the minced of rosemary, garlic and pine kernels. Douse in white wine, leave to evaporate, and add salt and pepper. Douse with the broth and complete with the potatoes cut into cubes; cook covered for about an hour.